Meet Us!

Who We Are:


Texas Athletics Club is a fitness coaching facility located in Midtown/4th Ward of Houston, Texas. Our mission is to develop a community of healthy and happy Houstonians through fitness, nutrition, and friendly competition. We believe that by implementing the methodology of Prescribed Athletics℠ that individuals can optimize their personalized results and achieve fitness levels they never thought possible. We believe that both aerobic, anaerobic and strength training classes can help individuals achieve optimal health and fitness. 


Texas Athletics Club is the home of Paper Street CrossFit. We believe that by implementing the CrossFit prescription of performing constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity, everyone can push the limits of their fitness boundaries. Regardless of your athletic background or your current physical state, CrossFit is a suitable program for you through its modifiable nature. Depending on your fitness goals, CrossFit may be a part of your Prescribed Athletics℠ plan. For more information on Paper Street CrossFit, please click here. 


What We Do:


At Texas Athletics Club, we specialize in individual and small group coaching to ensure our athletes have a personalized and safe experience. We utilize the methodology of Prescribed Athletics℠ that combines science with fitness to produce tailored results. Our prescribed programming utilizes strength training, steady-state cardio, CrossFit/HIIT, and Yoga.  We take into account your current fitness levels, fitness goals, and use the science of heart rate zones to customize a plan that is right for your body type. We prescribe a class schedule that will benefit your needs and produce results. Whether you want to lose body fat, gain muscle mass, or a little bit of both we will prescribe the plan for you. 

By design, each of our classes will focus on enhancing an aspect of functional movements that are found in our daily activities, as well as improve performance over 10 different fitness domains: cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

Who We Serve:

Our athletes at Texas Athletics Club are as diverse as the city we serve. We welcome everyone from first time performers to elite athletes. Regardless of profession, experience level, age, or current fitness level, all people will benefit from the methodology of Prescribed Athletics℠. 

Our Promise to You

At Texas Athletics Club, we are committed to creating a community that will support, encourage, and push you to reach your personalized goals. Our experienced coaching staff is trained and dedicated to providing a fitness program designed to provide safety, balance and results.

Community Culture

Our culture at Texas Athletics Club is to play hard, work harder. We host many social events including: happy hours, holiday parties, philanthropy events,  athletic seminars and clinics, intramural sport teams and competitions.