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Coach Bel Cevallos


Bel has been a yogi for over a decade and has taught a variety of yoga formats for 7 years. As an avid yoga and crossfit practitioner, she knows that after working hard, you have to recover hard to achieve optimal athletic performance and overall health. Her class is awesome because not only is it Yoga, but it’s developed specifically for our athletes. 

Coach Stella Ng


Stella has been involved in fitness for 7 years. An avid bodybuilder she has experience in both CrossFit and BodyBuilding.  Do not let her quiet demeanor fool you. Beneath the quiet lies a vast amount of knowledge to help you be our best self. She is certified in CrossFit, Precision Nutrition, and is a NASM CPT (Certified Personal Trainer.) 

Coach Justin McKee


Justin has been coaching at Texas Athletics Club for 4 years.  He is a Houston native and loves sharing his passion for fitness with athletes in his class. He is notorious for having the best music selection to get your heart rate pumping and he has an eye for finding the little nuances to help you improve your form. Justin is CF L1 Certified. 

Coach Michael Crofford


Michael started Paper Street CrossFit in 2014. A passion for CrossFit and innate entrepreneurial spirit motivated him to open a facility that would promote health and fitness in the Houston community.  A former CrossFit regional athlete Michael is known  for his competition experience. His quiet and steadfast nature welcomes any level of experience. He is known for taking the average Joe and turning them into lean hard competing machines. Michael is certified in: CF L2, CF Gymnastics, CF Kettlebell and CF Mobility. 

Coach Emily-Frances McAdams


Emily-Frances has been in the fitness industry for 13 years.  She knows what it is like to struggle with weight. Through a commitment to health and fitness she has lost over 70lbs and kept it off.  She started off in fitness in Washington D.C. coaching swimming for the USMC.  When CrossFit made its debut she was instantly hooked and has been doing CrossFit for over 10 years.  While focusing on form and technique, her classes are known for squeezing every ounce of potential out of her athletes. She may come across as no nonsense, but underneath she is super quirky and a huge fan of science fiction. She is certified in CF L2, USAW Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, American Council on Exercise (ACE) Health Coach and is currently working on her CrossFit Level 3. 

Coach Patrick Ramos

He is the fastest we have ever seen at burpees. Be careful, he might make you do them. He originally is from Ft. Worth, but has called Houston home for years.  He genuinely cares about the individual and will take the extra time to ensure that they get the extra attention to make them that much safer and better at their workout. 

Coach Cameron Holzer

A born and bred Houstonian, she is a fierce competitor. She can be found training daily and focusing on improving minute details of her fitness. She has a passion for horses and when not in the gym, she will be riding competitively.